Combinatoire et Algorithmes


Head of Team : Nicolas Bedon

The LITIS Combinatorics and Algorithms Team focuses on the fundamental aspects of algorithms or computer issues. Its work is based on combinatorial and algorithmic analysis of algebra models used in information processing (words, free monoids, automata, generating functions, polynomial systems). The team also applies its concepts, methods and results in cryptography, theoretical physics, tree-document processing, real-time validation, etc. 
The team’s output is detailed for each topic as follow:
  • Combinatorics
  • Cryptography and Computer algebra 
  • Formal language and Automata theory 


  • Algebraic and structural combinatorics analysis (words, free monoids, polynomials), classification
  • Algorithm analysis (finite-state automaton, algebra, formal logic, symbolic computation systems)
  • Extension of existing models and development of new models (tree and order automata, combinatorial Hopf algebra, quantum information)
  • Error-correcting codes


    • Information systems, Safety, Cryptography
    • Automated algorithm analysis
    • Data compression, Error-correcting codes
    • Statistical physics, Quantum information, Algebra, Representation theory
    • Compilation, Algorithm search
    • Automated text selection
    • Formal logic