Systèmes de Transport Intelligents


Head of Team : Samia Ainouz

The main objective includes advanced scene representation, real-time data. Embedded systems in degraded environments, with poor infrastructures.


Complex scene representation, real-time data, geo-referenced database, scientific barriers. Driving assistance systems require a large quantity of relevant and up-to-date data to be effective. The team's work focuses on acquisition, processing and big data management to promote intelligent transport. The multifaceted expertise of the team enables a common theme in areas such complex scene representation and geo-referenced databases to be implemented. In addition to the development of innovative methods in each of these areas, the aim is that scene representation and databases interact for mutual guidance and enhancement. 


  • Transportation risk management
  • Advanced driver-assistance systems
  • Autonomous systems
  • Computer Vision
  • Passenger transport optimization
  • Embedded databases






PERMIS est une Plateforme Expérimentale en Robotique Mobile, Intelligente et Systèmes. C'est une plateforme dédiée principalement à la formation par la recherche sur des projets autour de l'IHM et de la navigation autonome en conditions dégradées

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